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A Honeymoon Retreat...

When you and your best friend decide to have a few days away in August, where do you go? Quick trip abroad to the sun? A little Spa break?

Nope, not in our world....We went to a Honeymoon Retreat in Devon...Ha!

Myself and Mrs HJ had been talking about going away this summer for quite a while, but with both of us leading busy lives, we typically left it to the last minute.

Whilst Mrs HJ was on holiday with her family, I get a message saying she had found the perfect property and location.

A cottage in the middle of Dartmoor, Devon. Perfect I said! Get it booked.

I couldn't think of anything nicer than a little country cottage in the middle of nowhere to just relax, and recharge our batteries.

Once it was booked, I then asked if she could send me the link so I could show Mr C where I would be running off too for a few days.

It was at this point, I realised, not only had she booked us the most incredible, beautiful, bespoke cottage, but she had booked us a Honeymoon retreat! A cottage designed for couples to relax after their wedding, and have a little Minimoon, before getting back to reality.

I laughed a lot, but was super excited to explore it.

Moorland View Cottage is nestled in the small Hamlet of North Bovey, Devon. Surrounded by thatched cottages, beautiful old tree's, and incredible view of Dartmoor.

As you all know by now...I adore the outside, and I bloody love rural life, so Moorland View Cottage and its surroundings were right up my street.

The cottage is owned by Suzy Bennett, an international travel writer. And you can tell. Suzy has thought of everything, and her attention to detail is second to none!

Her travels have no doubt taken her all over the world, and I'm positive she would of stayed in hundreds of forms of accommodation. And this is where her attention to the small stuff is a winner for me.

Arriving at the cottage, and having a brief look round, it became very clear,, very quickly that 1..We would be very at home their, and 2..You literally only needed your clothes! Suzy has thought of everything!

It really was a home from home.

From the various sizes of Wellington Boots outside the door (You so know this won me over), to the Marshmallows by the fire, and all the little essentials in the bathroom, this truly is a superb little hideaway.

With a 3 hour journey time from Surrey, this is a very accessible destination for a quiet, relaxing Honeymoon or Minimoon.

So many couples tell me they wish they had waited a few weeks or months before going on their major honeymoon abroad, and wished they had gone away in the UK just for a few days after the wedding to relax, and unwind.

Despite every effort to stay calm leading up to your big day, wedding planning can be stressful, and sometimes all you want to do, is sit down after the day, and think about it.

I've known from personal experience that going away abroad straight away isn't always the best idea. I feel it takes you away from the excitement of the days after the wedding, when all your friends are chatting about it, and posting photos etc.

As a couple, you can sometimes feel slightly removed from the whole thing, and by the time you return home 2 weeks later, the bubble back in reality has been burst, and people have already moved on, whereas you are ready to talk about it and debrief.

Having a few days in this country means you still feel connected to the wedding for a little longer.

I know this is only my personal take on it, but how nice would it be to have a little break after the wedding, and then give yourselves something mega to look forward to a few weeks later. There is no denying the post wedding blues can hit, so why not look forward to a holiday!

Moorland View Cottage and the surrounding Dartmoor National Park can give you the perfect escape you need.

The decor has been very thoughtfully planned, and it's extremely comfortable.

The fact that is has window seats, makes it a winner for me.

I've always dreamt of being able to while away the hours day dreaming out of a window whilst sat on a comfy cosy window seat...well at Moorland I could! And check out the view from my bedroom window whilst I was sat there!!!

I felt like I was looking out a scene from Harry Potter! Just magical.

The cottage has 2 good size double bedrooms, a beautiful bathroom, with undoubtably the biggest bath I have ever seen!

A well equipped kitchen with all the mod cons, and a stunning lounge to relax in.

All in all, our little trip to North Bovey and little Moorland View Cottage was exactly what we both needed. A break away from reality, and all the stresses and strains that come with it.

We are so thankful we found it, and I am in no doubt we will be back! Although I suppose we should bring the men next time! Ha!

Thank You Suzy from us to you. The place is a dream.


If you would like more information on Moorland View Cottage take a look at the website.



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