• Caroline Stocking

And so it begins....

Wellies and Weddings came to me one cloudy Saturday morning. I was supposed to be editing Wedding Photos (for those of you that don't know, I'm a Wedding photographer by trade) But instead, I got a little side tracked, thinking of ways I could branch out in 2018. I suppose the Lifestyle Blog had been in the back of my head for sometime, but never really presented itself..until now!

I've been blogging through my photography for about a year, and have found I've really enjoyed it.

So I thought, now is the time, to take the leap, and do something I enjoy.

I love weddings, and I love the outdoors, so why not combine to 2?

In the South of England, we are flooded with the most outstanding wedding suppliers, and the finest countryside, so why not showcase them both, in their own right, or as a match made in heaven.

Wellies & Weddings will be a place to come to get inspiration for your special day, and to find those special places to explore on your happily ever afters.

We will show you how to have that rustic, rural, outside wedding you've always dreamed of, and show you where you can escape too with each other, after the madness of your wedding is over.

Whether you are married, planning a wedding, or just happily together forever, we have something for everyone.

Come join us.

Caroline x

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