• Caroline Stocking


Wedding decor has come along way over the last few years. Gone are the days of lace doilies and paper streamers. We now live in an age, where people are not scared to experiment. and DIY projects are half the fun of organising your wedding.

From bright rainbow colours, to vintage tea parties, on to shabby chic festivals. In the Pinterest world we live in, the choices are endless.

One of the real up and coming rising stars are Balloons..

Yep.. I know.. they've been around forever.

But who doesn't love a balloon right? Well, I can name a few people that don't, but I for one, bloody love them!

For years the thought of balloons at parties or celebrations, conjured images of bunches being tied to the back of chairs or hanging from curtain rails, well things are changing.

Cue the creatives..

Check out these amazing balloon displays taken from galleries on Pinterest

Who says balloons are boring.

Balloons can become the most beautiful, structured, outstanding centre pieces for your special day.

Whether they are surrounded with foliage or full of glitter, they will give your celebration the wow factor.

Check out our Instagram feed for ideas on how to make your Outside , Location Wedding look stunning.

Keep an eye out for further blogs on Balloon design and creation. You will be amazed what can be created.

With the help of The Party Company, based in Godalming, Surrey, we will be showcasing what balloons can offer you and your unique wedding.

Watch this space!




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