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Borrow Mae

Nestled down a quite track, 2 minutes from a cricket green, and a local pub in the quintessentially English hamlet of Tilford, is the beautiful rural home of Borrow Mae.

Mae is a stunning baby blue 1972 T2 Bay VW Campervan.  And what a beaut she is too!

Lovingly owned and cared for by her adoring owners, Angie & Ralph.  Mae lives out her days transporting newlyweds and promoting vintage life.

I got in contact with Mae's owners via Instagram.  Only being a 15 minute drive away for me, I was desperate to meet her.  And her owners of course.

I took myself off, on a rather damp Tuesday morning in March to one of my favourite little Surrey spots...,Tilford, near Farnham.

I was very warmly greeted by Angie, and 2 of her lovely dogs.

It was evident from the outset that Angie is absolutely smitten with Mae, and she certainly is one of the family.

Angie took me through to her beautiful little summer house in the garden where she served up real tea (Not a Tea Bag in site) and a freshly made Victoria Sponge.  Now if I was a client, I would have booked on this little treat alone...ha!

The summer house was the perfect spot for Angie to meet her clients.  With a large TV showcasing a slideshow of images, and an Ice bucket and Champagne Flutes ready, it was the perfect spot.

What is your business?

Mae is our pride and joy Campervan.  We specialise in hiring her out for Weddings, Celebrations & Events.

Where are you based?

Mae lives in a beautiful rural spot in Tilford, nr Farnham in Surrey.

How long have you been offering this service to clients?

We purchased Mae back in September 2017, after returning back to the UK from a 8 year stay in Italy. 

Mae has been available to hire since November 2017.

What can your business offer couples planning an alternative style wedding or celebration?

We adore Mae, and I think that shows in our service.  We made a conscious effort from day one, to keep Mae as original as possible.  We wanted to give our customers the real deal.  We offer a consultation to all our clients, where they can come and meet Mae, and see what she has to offer.  We hope to give customers a sense of nostalgia and most importantly, fun!

Tell us about yourself?

I'm Angie, one half of Mae's owners.  I am married to Ralph, the other half, and we have a daughter, 3 dogs and 2 cats. 

I've worked in HR and Payroll for many years, but hope to be able to cut work right down, and concentrate on the hire business.

How did you start your business?  Tell us your story?

Living in Italy, we were lucky enough to have a touring camper that we took all over the place, and loved it!  We’ve always been a family that loved to explore. 

Once we returned home to the UK in 2014, and settled back into British life, we quickly realised we couldn't live without a campervan in our lives.  So, the hunt began.

In September 2017, Mae came up for sale, and as soon as we saw her, we knew she was the one for us.

We travelled to Bideford in Devon to see her, and that was it.  Sold!  She was ours.

It was a very long, slow, careful drive back home, with Ralph driving Mae, and me following behind, but once she was back in her new rural Surrey home, it was all worth it.

Once we found the right camper, our aim had always been to keep it as original as possible.  And we made sure we stuck to it with Mae.

After Ralph painstakingly reupholstered the seat covers on a vintage sewing machine in our summer house, and we replaced the curtains and cushions, we were happy we had done her justice.  Mae also had a respray, but we left that to the experts.

Favourite Story or Moment

We've only had Mae 7 months, so we don't have too many stories just yet, but if I had to choose a favourite moment, then without a doubt it would be the first time I saw her.  We both fell head over heels in love with her, and knew it was the right thing to do.  We just simply adore her, and despite being a van, she is definitely a big part of the family!

One other thing that always makes me smile, is the reaction we get from the public.  The British public loves a Campervan, and every time we take her anyway, we always get such lovely comments, and feedback, about how beautiful and lovely she is.  This just makes us both so happy!

What does the future hold?

We only really started advertising Mae out to the public in November 17, so we are still fairly new.  However, we already have bookings for 2018 and 2019.  We are so excited to get her out and about to show people.

We are doing a number of Wedding Fairs, and taking part in events.

We would like to use Mae for other occasions along with weddings.  We hope to be able to use her for promotions and styled shoots, as well as tea parties, and vintage fairs.

There is so much variety out there now, that we really want to utilise her at as many events as possible, and show her off to as many people as possible.  And allow the public to enjoy her as much as we do.

We want Mae to have some amazing adventures, and you never know, you might just see them written about in a story book one day....

My hour spent with Mae and her owner Angie, was just lovely.

If you would like to know more about Borrow Mae, then you can find out all about her on her website and social media.

Insta @borrowmae

07379 811 633

A massive Thank You to Angie & Ralph, and of course Mae, for allowing me to feature them.

Photo Credit: Caroline Stocking Photography



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