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Don't forget the Dog....

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Are you a Dog Lover? Have you considered getting your fury companion involved in your special day? Then Do It!

But remember, there are a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

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Our Dogs are our family. So make sure they are happy too.


Does your dog have a calm and friendly nature? Will they be happy surrounded by lots of people?

Are they good with Children?

Even the most placid of dogs can find busy environments stressful. So just be mindful, before making your final decision.


What is your dogs general behaviour like? In everyday life your dog can be a saint (although being a dog owner myself, I doubt that's the case all the time..ha!) But in a chaotic, different situation, like a wedding, their behaviour could change if not monitored. Dogs, like humans, can suffer with stress.

Make sure your dog is given lots of Love. Assign a dog sitter to keep an eye on your dog at all times, so you don't have too.

Work out how long you want your dog there for. Service, Reception, All Day? Have someone on hand that can take your dog home for you, or get your dog sitter to have them over night so you don't have to worry about them.

Make sure your dog has plenty of space to run and roam. Dogs love exploring, so give them that chance to enjoy your venue too. Get the kids involved. Maybe create a treasure hunt or nature trail where the dog can go too.

Photo Credit: Caroline Stocking Photography

Dressing Up

Now as a rule, I'm not one for dressing my dogs up, but I can see the appeal on your wedding day. If you're going to do this, then perhaps have a few trial days first.

If you know your dog is not really a fan, but you are keen to have them wear something, then get them wearing the outfit, bow tie, collar a few times before your big day. Get them used to it.

If they are happy, then bingo, you have one very smart pooch. If you find even after a few tries, they are still not keen, then do yourselves a favour, and just don't bother. There is nothing worse than a stressed dog. It makes us as owners worry, and in turn makes the dog even more stressed.


Check your venue are happy to allow dogs. If you are having an outside, rural based wedding, then hopefully your venue will be very accommodating, but always best to check first.

Check your venues policy on damage etc. Not saying your dog will cause any, but if its having the time of its life in some muddy puddle around the corner, and then decides to shake all over you and the beautiful white marquee, then the supplier may have something to say on the matter. As will you, as you are now covered in mud! ha!

But Finally....

After all the checking and reassuring, if your 'man's best friend' is the best family member you have, then don't hesitate to bring them along. They are so special to us, and live alongside us through all our trials and tribulations, happiness and sadness. So this is one time your best friend should be by your side.

Woof Woof




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